guitar-tabsOnce you begin to feel more confident playing the guitar, you may want to expand your repertoire. The skills you have developed at music lessons will assist you in learning some of your favourite songs.

Here are three ways you can learn guitar songs at home.

1. Sheet Music

Learning to read sheet music is an invaluable skill, because if you know how to read sheet music, you can learn to play a huge variety of musical styles. Once you’re confident sight-reading, you can download sheet music online or purchase it in books. And, no matter what type of guitar you’d like to play, there will be sheet music available – from pop to classical.

We have 10 guitar arrangements of popular songs available for download here

Get the sheet music for 10 popular guitar arrangements here

2. Online Guitar Videos

Video hosting websites like YouTube make it easy for guitar players to share their skills and secrets. Many guitarists find it rewarding to watch a guitarist play, and to copy the arrangement. You can do this too using the techniques you’ve learnt at guitar lessons.

Here’s one of Academy Director Steve Flack’s latest arrangements.

This is a special arrangement of the fun traditional Mexican song called La Bamba, which was made famous by Richie Valens. This particular arrangement was crafted to be easy to play for guitar players in second level and above.

Check out the Liverpool Academy of Music YouTube channel for more guitar arrangements.

3. Tablature

One of the most popular ways for guitarists to learn to play music from home is through tablature – or tab for short – websites. Tab is a simple way to communicate guitar music, and unlike sheet music, tab is usually free. Do keep in mind that most online tab is written by amateur guitarists, not professionals, so it’s rarely 100% accurate.

Sydney Guitar Lessons Available Now

Your ability to learn and play a wide variety of music at home will be significantly improved if you have lessons. We use a structured method which makes learning fun and easy, and enables our students to progress to more complicated pieces fairly quickly. Many of our students have ended up pursuing musical careers.

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