Learn Guitar

New year, new resolutions. 2018 has just begun, and the time is now to set your goals and intentions for the months to come.

If you’ve always wanted to learn guitar, put that on your list. Learning an instrument is a lifelong journey that not only gives you a new appreciation for music, but also instils a truly satisfying sense of achievement.

Yes, playing the guitar can be challenging, but the benefits easily outweigh the cons. Let’s take a look at the top five reasons to learn guitar this year.

1. Relieve stress

Whether you’re at school, university, work full time, or are retired, life is stressful. It’s so important to have an outlet to relieve that stress, preventing it from building up and damaging your health and wellbeing.

Playing guitar is an incredible stress reliever. The process involves more areas of the brain than pretty much any other activity, helping you tune out of your problems, and tune in to the moment.

Plus, playing guitar can provide some much-needed alone time, giving you the space you need to reflect and reset.

2. Try something new

From 8 to 80, there is never a bad time to try something new. In fact, challenging our brain and body in new ways can help us stay young, and discovering new passions can open up a whole host of exciting opportunities.

While stepping outside our comfort zone can be a little daunting, the successes we achieve are all the more significant.

3. Boost your brain power

Playing an instrument stimulates the brain – a lot! When you play, you focus on several things at once: reading music, moving your hands, getting the tempo correct, recognising patterns, taking note of what’s coming up next, and more.

This multi-tasking – paired with an improved eye for detail – can boost your brain power, and performance across a number of activities. At school and work, you’ll be better at picking up mistakes, remembering facts, and looking ahead. In your day-to-day life, you might enjoy sharper focus, and an extended attention span.

4. Get to know your favourite songs

Everybody loves music, and everybody has a favourite band, artist, and song. These songs pull us through the bad times, and help us celebrate the good. They remind us of times past, and help us create new memories to be remembered for a lifetime.

One of the most exciting things about learning to play an instrument is how much closer it brings us to our most cherished tunes. Most songs can be broken down into simple arrangements, which can be mastered by beginners.

5. Have fun

At the end of the day, playing music is about having fun. It’s about embracing your mistakes, fine-tuning your skills, and sharing your success with others.

Playing guitar can expand your social circle, boost your confidence, and give you something valuable to look forward to each and every day. So, what are you waiting for?

Learn guitar in 2018

Playing an instrument is a lifelong journey filled with challenges, rewards, and a whole lot of fun. For guitar lessons in Sydney, contact The Liverpool Academy of Music on 02 9602 9774 or fill out the form at the top of this page.

For online guitar lessons by renowned guitarist and teacher Steve Flack, visit steveflackguitaracademy.com.