piano practiceLearning the piano is a complex, time-consuming undertaking, but with immense reward. Keeping up your regular practice can be difficult at times – particularly during stressful periods at work or school – but it is necessary. Here are 7 expert tips for efficient piano practice, so you can get the most out each session.

1. Stay Organised

One of the simplest ways to get more out of each piano practice session is to stay organised. Set a realistic goal and be clear about exactly what you want to achieve each day. Some students may find it helpful to write down a practice plan each week, and mark off achievements when complete.

2. Only Practice Piano with 100% Concentration

Remember, if your practicing technique does not have your full attention, then you’re not practicing properly. This means there’s no point in practicing piano if your mind is off with the fairies. Give your mind a break, and then try again.

3. Stick with One Task at a Time

If your piano practice goal is to learn one section of a specific song, stick to it. Don’t give up mid way through and start on something else. A little self-discipline will go a long way in your piano-playing journey.

4. Don’t Skip the Warm-Up

Try going over a few scales before you tackle your main objective. Warmed-up hands will be more apt in accomplishing the physical activity that playing the piano demands, meaning you’ll complete your practice goal with greater ease.

5. Don’t Ignore Mistakes

It can be easy to fall into the trap of ignoring little mistakes here and there, but over time these mistakes can become hard-to-break habits. If you catch yourself making the same error time and time again, do everything you can to nip it in the bud.

6. Practice Short Passages

Don’t overwhelm your brain with a huge quantity of music to memorise. Instead, practice short passages with diligence and attention to detail. Become the master of one small section, then another, then another, until you’ve mastered the entire composition.

7. Practice Piano Slowly

It’s a scientific fact that our brains cannot take in musical information completely when playing an instrument too quickly. Practice carefully and slowly, and never force speed.

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