Alex Sperling“I have known Steve Flack for over 20 years as well as being a keen student of his at Liverpool Academy of Music. Steve is a fantastic Guitar teacher and an very accomplished player, I feel I am in good hands with his structured and disciplined approach.” Alex Sperling
Diane-jess-mark“From the moment my children and I walked through the doors of Liverpool Academy of Music to meet Steve Flack, our musical lives changed for the better. Never before have we experienced such enthusiasm, friendliness and consistency from such a talented human being. Learning how to play guitar, read notes and play so many different pieces of music in such a short time can only be done at Liverpool Academy of Music. We wouldn’t have it any other way. With all our thank yous” Diane, Jessica and Mark Sanderson
“My son Alex has had guitar lessons with LAM from the age of 12. He’s now 16. At first, it was a way for him to learn an instrument & music which he was always interested in. As the lessons progressed Alex became more involved & keen to progress through the grades. Steve’s approach is enthusiastic, professional & committed. He has encouraged Alex to achieve his level best & the bar just keeps being set higher. Alex is now considering choosing music as an HSC subject because he knows Steve can help. Steve has taught Alex to be committed, resilient & proud of his achievements. This is something that he’ll have with him for life no matter what he chooses as a career path.” Kathy White
“Steve has been a great teacher & guide for our son Arjun in his journey of learning to play the guitar. Arjun first started when he was only 4 & the wonderful way in which Steve guided him into the intricacies of the world of guitar & music was so gradual but firm that we didn’t realise how Arjun just sailed smoothly through it.” Anu and Arjun Mahadik
“My daughter Sophie is 11 & my son James 13. Sophie is loud & bubbly but James is shy & quiet. The only thing they had in common was that they wanted to learn a musical instrument. James liked guitar & Sophie piano. I needed to find a school that could teach both instruments & I found the Liverpool Academy of Music. If James had any insecurities about working with Steve, they all disappeared when he noticed Steve’s musical achievements placed on the school’s wall. “Wow mum! Steve’s played with the Choirboys & AC/DC!” Sophie was impressed with Elena her piano teacher because. “She is so smart mum & she knows everything about playing the piano!” The kids have been having lessons for 3 months now with Steve & Elena. Through his teaching, Steve has encouraged confidence in James & he’s excited about guitar. Steve teaches in a structured way & gives praise & guidance every step of the way. Elena has helped Sophie focus & apply herself so that she’s exceeded our expectations. We think it’s also helped her with her school studies. Thanks Steve! Thanks Elena!” Christina Pappas