acoustic electric guitarThe prospect of learning the guitar is an incredibly exciting one. Playing an instrument of any sort means embarking on a life-long journey. It means learning a new skill, taking time out for yourself, and exploring your creative potential.

As a total newbie, you might be looking for some reliable beginner guitarist advice – for that, we’ve got you covered.

One of the many questions we get from those just starting out is this: should I learn on an acoustic or an electric guitar? Let’s jump right in and tackle this question.

Separating fact from fiction

There are two prominent myths relating to this question that you may have come across on your search for beginner guitarist advice. Here they are:

  1. As a beginner, you should play an acoustic guitar. It’s more difficult, which will help you improve your playing technique faster.
  2. As a beginner, you should play an electric guitar. It’s easier and will give you the experience and confidence you need to develop into a well-rounded musician.

As we mentioned, these are myths. Truth be told, there is no right answer to this question. The type of guitar you should learn on truly depends on your personal preferences.

How to decide which type of guitar to learn on

Learning the guitar is a significant undertaking that requires an investment of both time and money. Here are a couple of considerations to keep in mind when deciding which type of guitar you should learn on.

Follow your interests

Why have you made the decision to learn guitar? The answer probably has something to do with your love of music.

With that in mind, consider the types of compositions you’re interested in playing. Are they rock’n’roll classics or Baroque masterpieces?

Different guitars are suited to different styles of music. Don’t be afraid to follow your interests right off the bat – after all, playing the guitar should be fun!

Guitars can be expensive

As a general rule, electric guitars are a little more expensive than their acoustic counterparts. What’s more, you’ll also need to purchase an amplifier, leads, and other accessories.

If budget is a concern and you’ve got your heart set on an electric guitar, keep an eye out for beginner kits. These contain everything you need to get started at a discounted rate.

The decision isn’t permanent

Remember, if you choose an acoustic guitar now, that doesn’t mean you have to exclusively play acoustics for the rest of your life. Most dedicated guitarists own both electric and acoustic guitars and regularly switch between the two.

The easiest guitar to play is the one you love

Yes, acoustic guitars are a little more difficult to play than electrics. They are thicker and broader and use heavier gauge strings. But that doesn’t mean learning on an acoustic is out of the question.

Here’s another perspective: the easiest guitar to learn is the one you love, the guitar that allows you to follow your passion.

If you enjoy something, you’re more likely to do it. And the more you practice guitar, the faster you’ll improve. It’s that simple.

Get started today

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