beginner guitaristPlaying the guitar is unlike anything else: it’s challenging and rewarding, frustrating and fun, disastrous and successful all at once. And, these ups and downs can be even more pronounced when you’re just starting out.

That’s why Liverpool Academy of Music Director Steve Flack has put together two free tab playlist downloads for beginner guitarists. Each playlist covers the exam pieces for Initial and First Grade Trinity College of London Guitar Exams.

Hopefully, these beginner’s guitar lessons will add a little structure to your practice sessions.

Let’s have a look at each playlist in more detail.

Free Tab Download Beginner’s Guitar Lessons: Initial Grade

Been playing for less than a couple of months? Maybe you’ve never picked up a guitar before. This playlist is for you.

Initial Grade is the very first stage in the Trinity College of London system. The arrangements are not too complex, but still a whole lot of fun to learn and play.

Here are the pieces you’ll get access to when you download the free playlist:

1. Allemande
2. Cactus Sunset
3. Cat Burglar
4. Chim Chim Cher
5. Frere Jacques
6. Get Up Get Down
7. Hill & Gully Rider
8. King Of The Jungle
9. Long, Long Ago
10. Luna
11. Mi Chacra
12. Minor Mood
13. Minuet J.S. Bach
14. Night Night, Knight
15. Shine Like a Star
16. Showtime
17. The Drunken Sailor
18. Tika Taka
19. To a Wild Rose

Here’s a beginner’s classic: Frere Jacques.

To access the tablature playlist, visit Remember, the download is completely free.

Free Tab Download Beginner’s Guitar Lessons: First Grade

Maybe you’ve been playing the guitar for a little while now. Or, you’ve downloaded the Initial Grade playlist, mastered every arrangement, and want to learn more.

Fantastic. Get stuck into the free First Grade Playlist.

Here are the arrangements Steve Flack has put together to meet the Trinity College of London First Grade standards:

1. Andantino
2. Balletto
3. Day Of the Match
4. El Conde Olinos
5. Habanera Era
6. In The Hall Of The Mountain King
7. Inés
8. James Bond Theme
9. Marrakech
10. Mona Lisa
11. Olé José
12. Olinda
13. Samba Olé
14. Spellbound
15. The Moons a Balloon
16. Theme From
17. Magic Flute
18. Tútú Marambá
19. Un après-midi d’été
20. Vals

This one’s a favourite among movie buffs – the James Bond Theme Song.

Learn it yourself. Visit to download the free playlist.

More Downloads for Guitarists

You’ve downloaded both playlists and want even more. Or maybe your guitar skills are a little more advanced. No worries – whether you’ve been playing for 10 weeks or 10 years, you’ll find a download for guitarists on Steve Flack’s newly launched Steve Flack Guitar Academy website.