Tone Deaf SingingDo you suffer from a lack of confidence in your singing voice? Don’t worry – you’re not alone.

Many people believe they are ‘tone deaf’, and that no amount of singing lessons can improve their voice. The good news is this simply isn’t true.

What Does Tone Deaf Mean?

Some believe they are tone deaf because they feel they have no natural skills in music. They can’t keep a beat, match a note on a piano with their voice, or identify a melody. If this sounds familiar, then rest assured, you’re most likely not tone deaf.

A person who is truly tone deaf cannot differentiate one note from another; they cannot recognise changes in pitch at all. A very, very small percent of the population is tone deaf, and the rest just lack confidence and practice.

Why are Some People Naturally Gifted Singers?

Most people aren’t tone deaf, and their singing ability is, well, normal. There are, however, those rare individuals who seem to have a natural gift – a perfect singing voice without any formal training.

There are a number of factors that cause some to be better singers than others without training, most of which are genetic. Other factors include:

  • How much music you listen to. People who listen to music all the time are usually better at recognising subtle changes in pitch.
  • How much music you listened to as a child. The more music you were exposed to as a child, the faster you can improve your singing voice.
  • How much you sing. No matter what you sing, the more you do it, the better you will be. If you practice singing your favourite songs everyday, your singing voice will improve over time.
  • Whether or not you play a musical instrument. Learning to play the pianoguitar, trumpet, or any other instrument will give you a better understanding of pitch.

Can Anyone Learn to Sing with Singing Lessons?

Of course! Think about it this way: singing lessons are like going to the gym. They work out all the right muscles, which, overtime, get stronger and more capable. You won’t become a professional opera singer overnight, but with plenty of hard work and practice, you can reach your full singing potential.

Learn to Sing

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