Piano Essentials: Listening Skills

Piano playing is a much loved art form.

It is as much about bringing enjoyment to those listening to your music as well as to yourself, so it’s really important to develop keen listening skills where you can hear the different nuances of sound.

Just as an artist paints with different shades of colours, […]

Only settle for the best music teachers – here’s why

So, you’ve decided to learn an instrument. Now, you are on the hunt for music lessons. Whatever you do, only settle for the very best music teachers.

If you end up with an unreliable, unskilled, unprofessional music teacher, you aren’t giving yourself the support you need to reach your goals and excel.

Here are four detrimental […]

Music Lessons: Deciding Which Instrument to Learn

Music lessons have tremendous benefits on your or your child’s social, developmental and personal well-being. If you’ve decided to take the plunge and begin your musical journey, you’ll need to decide which instrument to learn.

Some beginner musicians gravitate toward an instrument, others don’t. Here’s a few things to consider when deciding which instrument is […]