better guitarist

Looking to improve your playing technique? Developing good guitar-playing habits will help you become a better guitarist without even thinking.

So, without further ado, here are five to start working on today.

1. Step outside of your comfort zone

If you play classical guitar, give a contemporary rock song a try. If you are a passionate electric guitarist, pick up an acoustic and try something totally different.

Exploring new styles of music is one of the easiest, most effective ways to enrich your guitar-playing experience. What’s more, as you push yourself outside of your comfort zone, you will develop a better appreciation of composition, while boosting your motivation.

Who knows, you might discover a musical style you love or a playing technique you can incorporate into your own compositions. One thing’s for sure: expanding your repertoire will boost your confidence – and competency – as a guitarist.

2. Visualise what you’re playing

Playing guitar is physical – it requires acute finesse, muscular discipline, and excellent coordination. Next time you pick up your instrument, try visualising your hands as you play – without actually looking, of course.

What shapes are your fingers making? How do your hands move up and down the fret board? Is your strumming hand moving fast and free, or slow and controlled?

Try connecting this visual image with the sound you are producing. Notice the changes in pitch and rhythm as you change the shape and movement of your hands.

And then, when you put down your guitar and move about your day, continue to visualise the shapes you made. Repeated visualisation will help embed what you’ve been playing into your muscle memory.

Plus, next time you enter an air-guitar competition, you’ll be well prepared!

3. Record yourself playing

Take a good, hard look at your guitar technique by taking the time to record yourself playing. There’s nothing like some objective self-criticism to motivate you to improve.

Use your smartphone or computer to record yourself as you play the piece you’ve been working on. Listen to the recording and be amazed at the mistakes you pick up on, that you didn’t notice during the performance.

Continue practicing that same piece, and record yourself again in a week or so. Compare the recordings. Most likely, you’ll be shocked by just how much you’ve improved in that time. Practice really does make perfect.

4. Play with other musicians

While it may be a little scary at first, playing with other musicians on a regular basis will seriously improve your playing technique, confidence, and ability to improvise.

Whether you connect with fellow guitarists, or form a band or jamming group with other instrumentalists, you’re sure to be inspired by other players with totally unique playing styles.

If you’re not comfortable meeting up with others, try practicing with a drum machine. You can also find backing tracks to your favourite songs – play along note-for-note or try your hand at improvising.

5. Take guitar lessons

Are you seriously committed to improving your technique? There truly is no better way than to take the plunge and invest in top-quality guitar lessons (if you don’t already take them).

An experienced teacher will recognise your strengths and weaknesses, and can devise exercises to help you reach your full potential. They will ensure to nip your bad habits in the bud, and become a skilful, well-rounded musician.

And, finally, one of the best things about taking guitar lessons: you’ll improve fast. If you want to accelerate your guitar journey, lessons are the way to go.

Take guitar lessons in Sydney

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