It’s said that 10% of the world’s population plays guitar at some level, which would make it one the most popular things to do on earth.   So, if you play guitar you’ll be in plenty of company. That’s massive!

It’s a wonderfully rewarding and fun thing to do.  But what sort of guitar should you buy?

I visited the Brisbane Guitar, Amp and Vintage Show a couple of years ago and interviewed the organisers and some of the presenters to find out about the latest guitars (and some beautiful vintage models) and equipment.  I didn’t realise that some early guitars are worth a fortune – and there is actually a Guitar Index! Some guitars actually outperform the stock and housing markets for return on investment.

I also had a great time sitting in on some workshops and hanging out with extraordinary Australian and international guitarists.

It certainly was an informative and fun filled event.  Check it out below.