Brass Instrument Lessons

We can teach you to play two types of brass instruments – the trumpet and the trombone.  (Trumpet also covers learning the Cornet.)


brass instrument lessonsThe trumpet is the smallest instrument in the brass family, and therefore has the highest register. From around 1500 BC, trumpets have been used to communicate messages over long distances, making it one of the oldest instruments. The modern brass trumpet has a cutting, vibrant voice, and is used mostly for musical purposes in classical orchestras, jazz ensembles, brass bands and mainstream groups.



tromboneThe trombone is the only instrument in the brass family that uses a telescope-like slide to change pitch, rather than valves. There are five common types of trombone – soprano, alto, tenor, bass, and contrabass – that all have individual roles in classical, orchestra and jazz music, and also as solo instruments. Although not as popular to play as the trumpet, the trombone is a dynamic, lively instrument with fantastic versatility and is an integral instrument in brass bands.