Drums and Percussion

drum lessons sydneyDrums and other percussion instruments are the backbone of many musical styles. From rock bands with drums kits, to orchestras with a range of drums and mallet instruments, percussion keeps the beat, and helps the rest of the musical group stay in time.


While it is unusual for orchestras and concert bands playing classical music to feature a drum kit, other forms of percussion, such as single snare drums, symbols, and auxiliary percussion, are very common. Mastering orchestral percussion is challenging and exciting, as a huge range of instruments are used to create a cohesive sound.

Rock Bands

It’s difficult to imagine a rock band without a drum kit, and a good drummer can define the sound of a band. The drummer’s role is to set the pace, and many drummers throughout history have done so with their own unique flare.

Each drum kit is constructed of a range of drums, and most drum kits have a snare, bass, floor tom and high hat, and may include a crash symbol, a splash symbol, and a range of tom-toms.From the simple rock beat, to more complex patterns and fills, rock drums are both challenging and fun.

In Other Music

Blues and jazz bands used the first drum kits in the 1910s, 20s and 30s. Jazz drumming is unpredictable, exciting, and a real spectacle. Contemporary pop groups and electronic music make use of electronic drum kits, by changing the sound each drum makes. As music evolves, as do percussion instruments, and learning to play the real thing is more valuable than ever.

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