SingingThe human voice underpins almost all music. Singing connects communities, and passes knowledge from one generation to the next.

And, the most brilliant thing of all is that no one on this planet has the same voice as you.

Can Anyone Learn to Sing?

Yes. Anyone can develop a well-rounded singing voice.

Singing is often though of as a talent, a trait that some are born with, and some are not. However, this is not entirely true. In fact, the majority of professional singers owe their amazing voice to years of hard work.

Of course, some people are more gifted than others, but they are the exception to the rule.

Think about it this way: singing is just like painting. You need to learn about colour, shape and line, about light and shadow, and about brushstrokes. Then you need to practice. A lot. Over time you will improve, and eventually you will be a master of painting technique.

Singing is exactly the same, and you will be rewarded for persistence.

Role of the Singer

The singer has many roles that depend on the style, genre and context of the music. Opera singers sing with an orchestra, rock singers are charismatic, back up singers are supportive, and choir singers work together. There is one role, however, that all singers have: they give music a human identity, a means through which the audience can easily connect. They are storytellers.

The technical skills required also differ depending on the musical style. Opera singers, for example, sing above an entire orchestra, which means they must have excellent technical ability. Alternatively, folk singers perform in a more intimate setting, which means they can sing quieter.

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