ViolinThe centuries old violin is exciting to learn as it is an instrument which produces magnificent music and evokes deep emotions. We are delighted that is one of our most popular lessons as there are many music styles and genres that have the violin as a lead or supporting instrument.


Most people’s first encounter with the violin music comes from hearing movie soundtracks. Learning to play classical music on your violin provides a sound foundation for technique and styles. From the haunting middle eastern origins, to the shorter plucking notes of Renaissance and Baroque periods, through to the tempo and volume contrasts of the Romantic period; classical violin is beautiful and evokes feelings of sadness, serenity, excitement, love, passion and joy.


Violin folk music ranges from the European polka style where notes are fast and short; the Irish style where the notes are long and haunting; and the joyful fast fiddler style, popular in Europe and the United States. A fiddler often plays several notes together and will use a mixture of other sounds, such as hitting the base of the violin for a tapping sound.


In the 20th Century the violin has become popular in blues music with the distinctive bluegrass style, in pop music with sweeping and fast combinations and in rock bands with the synthesized sound of the electric violin.


We use a graded syllabus to introduce students to the wonderful breadth of violin music achievable with different playing techniques. When they have mastered the basic techniques we move on to a range of music styles and genres so they experience the full depth and joy that comes with playing the violin. They will be making music from the first lesson.

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