Safety First

First and foremost, I hope everyone is keeping well, safe and socially distant. In the past 3 months the Nova Coronavirus has taken control of our lives: isolation, work from home (WFH) and remote learning has now become the new norm.

The Crossroads Hotel has pinned Liverpool/Campbelltown on the map as a “hot spot” and though there are many cluster spots throughout Sydney, the impact on local brick and mortar business has been significant.

The Liverpool Academy of Music has been diligent with our safety precautions measures. Our utmost priority is the safety of all of our students and parents, period. WHS sanitising and deep cleaning is conducted daily and monitoring of social distancing is ensured.


ZOOM Flexibility

Furthermore, LAM will strive to implement a robust eLearning ZOOM music lesson strategy. We are thrilled to build this transition and with the latest technology at hand, our teachers offer opportunities to begin and advance through programs via live streams and personalised ZOOM classes.


With the flexibility ZOOM offers, it allows students to:


  • Learn from home on flexible timetables.


  • Record ZOOM lessons for reference and feedback.


  • Connect via multiple devices


  • No travel time = increased learning time and blocks which will develop techniques and muscle memory rapidly.


  • Organised calendar schedules and simple, easy to use interface


  • Group learning.


Thank you!

The Liverpool Academy of Music extends our sincere gratitude to all past and existing students, we absolutely love what we do and there is no greater reward than seeing creative musical talent flourish before our eyes. We will continue to uphold and deliver our highly successful training methods with integrity and courage during these trying times.


For any questions or concerns please contact me directly,



Steve Flack  (Director)