playing musicWhat separates a good musician from a great musician?

Well, playing music is a multi-dimensional task. Each dimension requires exploration, attention, and regular practice. Once you begin to understand how each unique part works together, you’ll be on the path to excellence.

Let’s have a look at these different dimensions. You’ll be surprised how much you already know!

Playing Music: Timing

Timing is essential when it comes to playing music. If you can’t get the timing right at the song’s tempo, slow it down. You’re better off playing in time slowly than all over the place.

Playing Music: Reading

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – learn to read sheet music. Not only will you be able to decipher musical notation, you will also be able to accurately record your musical ideas.

Learn more about the importance of reading sheet music: 5 Benefits of Learning to Read Sheet Music.

Playing Music: Ensemble

Being comfortable and confident when playing music with others will seriously benefit your career as a musician.

Check out our top three tips for playing music with others: 3 Tips for Playing Music With Others.

Playing Music: Improvisation

Practice improvising at home – it’s lots of fun. Invent solos for your favourite songs, or simply play around until you’ve created your very own melody or riff. When you’re confident with your ability to improvise, you’ll become a great songwriter, and an invaluable member of your band or ensemble.

Playing Music: Repertoire

Try memorising a few songs in a few genres of music. In some situations, having a song or two you can perform from memory is a real lifesaver.

Playing Music: Music Theory

Grasping the complexity of composition, and understanding the ins and outs of musical theory will help you in countless ways throughout your career as a musician. Having a clear idea of the building blocks of composition will improve both your playing and your writing.

Playing Music: Performance

Last, but certainly not least, performance. Being an engaging, lively performer will have an incredible impact on your audience’s perception of you as a musician. Think about stage presence and movement. Consider how best to captivate your audience as you entertain them.

Learn a Musical Instrument

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