My story is most often a sentimental one


“What I play I feel through emotions and relive directly.

That magic is forwarded to the audience and mostly has a positive impact on listeners

– even when the composition is a Lullaby” – Maja Petrovski


Storytelling through the magic of melody

Maja Petrovski is a highly accomplished violinist and pianist originally from Serbia. Although she now calls Newtown home, she has performed extensively across the globe with many well-known musicians, including Niggel Kennedy, Vasilij Sinajski, and Emil Tabakov.

Maja has a true passion for music. When she plays, she gives a part of herself, of her life experience. Through the melody, she begins to tell a story, Maja says that “Mainly the melody carries me up to my emotions. I start to tell a story, my story is most often a sentimental one; there is always someone suffering, whether for love or patriotism”.





Violin & Piano Teaching Philosophy

Maja’s dedicated and passionate approach to teaching inspires her students. She has extensive experience teaching to the AMEB curriculum and her holistic approach drives from emotion and storytelling with her motto being “Play as you sing”, Maja explains that a genuine sense of music can only be transferred trough voice. The combination of sound and lyrics, “I imagine singing a song. Emotions boil inside me and they tell the story alone”



A current student with only 6 months training presents natural posture and feel for the violin.

Violin & Piano Achievements

  • Maja has earned a Master’s Degree in Violin Performance from the Belgrade Academy of Music 1994.
  • First prize of piano trio (Academic Competition 1993).
  • She has been a member of “Sinfonietta” – Chamber Orchestra and “Kameratta Belgrade”, and has been full time employed with the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra from 1991 to 1999.
  • She was conducting a children choir for Orthodox Church “St Nicholas” in Blacktown.
  • Member of Orchestra “University of Western Sydney and plays and performs with multicultural bands around Australia.
  • With a band called The Black Train Band she recorded live music on CD.


The Black Train Band



A current student in her 2nd grade preparation for AMEB.